Guest Post: How Families Can Live In A Clutter Free Home

The Steps to a Clutter Free Home

Decluttering an entire house can seem like a monumental task, but it doesn’t need to be. You can break it down into parts, and even have fun along the way. Here are some strategies to organize your property and lead a de-stressed life a clutter free home.

Donate What You can

Throwing things away can seem wasteful, as we may have emotional bonds with certain items. One way to help ease yourself into clearing out your home is to think of how you could donate different goods. Even food pantries will take spices or cans that you know you won’t use and are just clogging up your kitchen. Old T-shirts that no one would want can be turned into reusable grocery bags that a food pantry would love to use. Have your kids decorate the bags, not only as a fun way to include them but to make each one feel personal. As you continue going through your house, think as big or small as you want. That old printer cartridge that’s the wrong size? There are charities that take them, and nothing you own has to be wasted.

How To Sell Goods Online

Another way to motivate yourself is to sell online, and what you can list might be surprising. For instance, you can post sets of hangers or your growing collection of wine corks. Old electronics, like games, DVDs and cell phones, can be listed on sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. If you’re crafty and enjoy upcycling, you can use Etsy by transforming old goods into new and improved items. It takes some artistic flair, but nothing that can’t be learned with a little practice. This is another area where getting the family involved can help. Children are naturally creative and can pick color schemes and stencils they want to see used on something like old furniture.

Best Way To Hold A Garage Sale

If you’re not interested in dealing with shipping, you could hold a garage or yard sale. It takes preparation, but it can be worth the effort if the other option is donation. To start, make sure your garage is tidy, as you want lots of walkable space for buyers. Involve your neighbors, if possible, as the more people there are holding a sale, the larger a crowd you might draw. You’ll need plenty of signs for pricing, so decide how much you’ll sell something for and label it. This is something the kids can do (with some guidance) particularly for their things. However, price fairly, and consider going to a few local sales to see how much they are charging.

Organize Each Room

Tidying up is easier after your rooms have been cleared out. Once your load is lightened, you should give your stuff specific homes to stop things from getting misplaced. So, keep similar items together, and use storage bins where you can (The Container Store has numerous options starting at around $7, depending on the size you need). Put out-of-season clothing and bedding into vacuum-sealed bags to take up less room, and think about adding an extra bar in your closet to double your hanging space. Clear containers are especially useful as you can see what is in them, ensuring stuff doesn't go missing.

Clean For A Spotless Home

Now that your home is sorted and organized, it’s time to do a deep clean. Yet, you can do this without chemicals since baking soda is a non-toxic cleaner that safely keeps homes fresh and smelling nice, too. There are plenty of other hacks that can make your job easier, but you can also go with a professional cleaner. In St. George, a one-time cleaning service only costs between $59 and $185 and can make all the difference in the world to how your house feels.

Start with one room, and move to the next when you’ve had a break. By not allowing yourself to be overwhelmed, you’ll be surprised by what you can accomplish with your family. Living in a clean and organized house is priceless, so begin your journey toward the home you deserve.

This post was guest written by Jackie Waters from Thank you so much for your tips and tricks on ways to live in a clutter free home Jackie!

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