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Fun in St. George, Utah!

The fun never ends in St. George, Utah! There are so many amazing places to explore on a daily basis, but they never get old at the same time. We love going back to each of these spots at least once a year or more.

I wrote this article a couple years ago and it has some good ideas as well but some of the locations are a little bit further away, although all of them are doable in a day.

I'd love to hear what you think in the comments! What spot is your favorite? Or if you have any questions about any of these adventures, I'd love to help! Also, follow us here on Instagram!

fun things to do in St. George utah

Gunlock State Park

Gunlock State Park is about 30 minutes from our front porch at Hope Hill Home, but a really beautiful, easy drive on the Old Highway 91 through Ivins. There's a big reservoir that we love for kayaking, fishing, and paddle boarding, and in the spring the waterfalls come to life from the snow melt runoff if it's been a good winter. There aren't any amenities at Gunlock (the closest would be the Shivwits gas station or Veyo) so make sure to bring food and drinks with you. We also always bring shade canopies and beach chairs. Our kids love it here and it's really beautiful any time of year!

Pine Valley, Utah

Pine Valley, Utah is a magical alpine village located about 40 minutes outside of St. George. It's also an easy drive up Highway 18, but traffic can get pretty busy on the weekends or holidays, so just be alert of other drivers. Also, you'll need to watch for deer on this highway that winds through a mountain range.

Every time we go to Pine Valley, I never want to leave. It's such a beautiful place! There's a lot of people who live in St. George but have second homes up here because it's so much cooler in the summer time. There's a small reservoir in the Dixie National Forest recreation area and a creek that is fun to play in. There are also several hikes (I've always wanted to hike to the Pine Valley summit!) but otherwise it's a very laid back, peaceful place. The Branding Iron Steakhouse is really good and open Friday & Saturday, April-October. We used to love driving up just for the afternoon for dinner.

Sand Hollow State Park

Sand Hollow State Park is world famous for it's sand dunes running down into the beautiful blue reservoir. Katy Perry actually filmed a music video in Southern Utah and a lot of the footage was at Sand Hollow.

Just like the other incredible Southern Utah reservoirs, Sand Hollow is perfect for kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding, fishing, and boating. It's also pretty great for OHV rides too. My husband used to ride his motorcycle here before the reservoir went in and along the cliffs over Warner Valley. It's basically an outdoor paradise. 🙂

It is super hot and sunny in the summer time so bring lots of shade and drinks. And it can tend to get windy, so watch the weather. We love going at sunset when the crowds die down and hang out on the beach at the south end. There's a good little restaurant and convenience store here, and the Hurricane Walmart isn't too far away either.

Quail Creek State Park

A little bit closer to town and just as fun is Quail Creek State Park. This was the first reservoir Washington County created to contain water from the Virgin River. It doesn't have the sand dunes like Sand Hollow, so it isn't quite as busy, but the fishing and boating are amazing, so get there early to make sure you can get parking.

What do you think about my list of Best things to do in Saint George, utah?

There are so many other cool places to visit in Saint George, Utah, but I thought this was a good start! All of these fun destinations have water and are a great way to cool off when it's hot outside. I honestly think Southern Utah is the best location any time of year...there's always something to do. I'll put together some fun winter ideas soon! If you have any questions or ideas, I'd love if you want to leave a comment! And if you are looking for an extended stay vacation rental in Southern Utah, we'd love for you to stay at our home in historic downtown St. George!

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